Dancing Bear Enlightenment Academy

The mission of the DBEA is to provide Holistic Transformation Programs for Holistic Professionals/Coches & people interested in Holistic health/living to Jump-Start their Journey of rising their frequencies to higher vibrations so that they can help humanity in the process of manifesting the new Fifth-Density Reality.

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Dancing Bear Healing Center

The mission of the DBHC is to provide holistic healing possibilities online to help people with complex chronic conditions return to and maintain good health.
We work online with Zoom using various healing modalities such as acupressure with essetial oils, Flower Essences, energy work & shamanic practices.
Visit DBHC to book your online appointment.

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ADBO Consulting

The mission of ADBO Consulting is to provide technical assistance including website design, SEO, copywriting, marketing material, research documents, & related services as needed to help small business entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations with affordable online options to develop their business presence.

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The World is Changing

Globally everything is changing, humanities vibration is increasing. The old ways no longer work. "All lies are being revealed". We are here to help; you are not alone.  Dr Beverly is available for FREE 15-minute consultations to explore how we might best facilitate your specific journey.

Dr Beverly Lawrence

  Holistic Professionals

If you are a Holistic Professional, then we have a great programs to enhance your skill set to take your work to a higher vibrational level and even become a Holistic Medical Intuitive. We also have many free and very low cost mini and small classes available as well. Visit our app for this content.

Book a Free 15-minute consultation with Dr. Beverly HERE to see how we can help you!

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