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Welcome to the Dancing Bear Enlightenment Academy website. The mission of the Academy is to provide spiritual and Holistic Information and related training to help people in improving their lives through spiritual development and healthy living. The Academy is an online-only program that has many courses on spiritual development as well as holistic health and living. These courses are intended to help anyone interested in their personal growth and improving their health.

We offer many free short courses, articles, and videos, some affordable short classes, as well as longer, advanced spiritual development programs. We also offer a year-long spiritual development and advanced healing program for anyone interested in holistic healing and spiritual development, either for personal or professional purposes. These advanced programs are intended primarily for people who wish to help themselves, their family members, or their professional healing practices.

The advanced trainings and the one-year program offer certifications in various energy systems and other healing modalities. We invite you to download the APP and view our free material. If this resonates with you then we offer a free consultation with Dr. Beverly to see if any of our advanced programs are a fit for your goals.

After completion of the one-year program, there will be a possibility of becoming a certified trainer and/or coach for our programs.

We invite you to download our APP from either the Google Play Store or the Apple APP Store and enjoy our free content. We also offer a subscription after you download the APP. This subscription is FREE and offers additional free content and a free course.


About Dr. Beverly Lawrence

Dr. Beverly is a licensed acupuncturist and founder of the Dancing Bear Healing Center in Arizona. She was a Professional Teaching Assistant at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine for over 5 years. She is also a published author, speaker, writer, and workshop leader teaching meditation, spirituality, and metaphysics.

In 2021 she founded the Dancing Bear Enlightenment Academy, an online academy that facilitates the learning of various holistic health topics, spirituality, and metaphysics as well as creating the Dancing Bear Enlightenment Academy Holistic Transformation YouTube channel.

She is the author of "Meditation Demystified: A Workbook for Everyone" in 1999, a second edition was published in 2019. She is a researcher, Reiki Master, and shamanic practitioner. She also has a Masters in Hypnotherapy and is a certified Medical hypnotherapist.

For more information about Dr. Beverly please visit her home page HERE!

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