Courses Offered by Dr. Beverly

Courses Available Live & in the DBEA APP

We have a wide selection of courses on Spirituality, Metaphysics, Holistic Health Care, Healthy living, Healthy Mind, Healthy Emotions, and so on.

This page provides a sample of the courses we offer. The courses are in three categories, live classes, workshops, and programs that are offered twice a year or as requested.

  1. Our Free program is OM for Success which is a prerequisite for our advanced Healing Mastery Certification Program and Retreat.
  2. Our Healing mastery Certification Program and Retreat Information can be found at Healing Mastery Website
  3. Essential Oils Master Program is at EO Master Program Website which is an adjunct program for people to expand their healing skills for our advanced Healing Mastery Certification Program.
  4. Very inexpensive digital classes offered in our APP
  5. FREE courses, eBooks, & articles also offered in our APP
  6. All of our courses (free and otherwise) are in our online store Online Course Store Coming Soon!


Note: a web version of our APP is now available, it is not fully functional yet but should completely match the app very soon.
Visit the web (PC) version of the APP version at Dancing Bear Enlightenment Academy with .APP at the end.

Live Class Information

We have a website, Dancing Bear Holistic Transformation, with all the information about our programs starting with the OM for Success Signature program to boost intuition, techniques for overcoming barriers to success, and an introduction to the concept of using the 5-Elements to better understand your soul purpose.

OM For Success Logo

Digital Classes & Program

Available in the Dancing Bear Enlightenment Academy APP are various FREE courses. Some are mini courses on focused topics like setting goals, while others are slightly longer courses. We just ask you to register your email by creating a logon in to the APP and that will give you automatic access to all the free content. There is only limited content available just for downloading the app.

Also available are digital more extensive courses, again on one focused topic. These are very low cost and once purchased you will have lifetime access to the content to learn at your own pace. A purchase page will be available soon.